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Auburn Pulse has grown exponentially since its inception in August of 2010. There are currently 10,000 people using the app, 1,500 followers on Twitter, about 500 hits a day at Auburn Pulse Online, and 44 bars and restaurants currently involved. Growth is good, but in the case of a social networking app, it has to be taken advantage of.

There are several features of Auburn Pulse that many don’t know about. The network is more useful as the number of participants increase. The information flow becomes more and more valuable. For these reasons I wanted to take the time to give a quick Auburn Pulse Tour.

Mobile App Features

The Auburn Pulse Front Page leads you to the heart of the app’s features.

EVENTS, VENUES, SPECIALS takes you to the individual bar and restaurant pages and the “Weekly Music Schedule”. The “Weekly Music Schedule” lists every day of the week and what each bar/restaurant has planned. It is a collective list. The Weekly Music Schedule is the most frequented Auburn Pulse Page. This is updated each Monday.

SOCIAL MEDIA is the next section. The SOCIAL MEDIA section makes it easy to follow Auburn Pulse on Twitter and friend on Facebook w/one click. It also allows you to access Auburn Pulse’s Flickr Stream in order to download pics you might be featured in from the PHOTO GALLERY (also on the Front Page).

The “Out and About” section in SOCIAL MEDIA is an editorial section where you can read opinions columns, short stories, and/or worthy news commentary written by the Auburn Pulse founder and others. If you would like to contribute to this section with your own work, please email copy to auburnpulse@gmail.com. This is an easy way to get your stuff out to the people. Auburn Pulse will support the effort to spread your work across Twitter, Facebook, etc.

“Marquees” under SOCIAL MEDIA is a new feature of Auburn Pulse. Bar owners change their marquees daily in hopes that people will drive by and notice their features. By using “Marquees”, you can access pictures of the local marquees and flyers posted by bar/restaurant owners without ever leaving your couch. If you have something you want uploaded to “Marquees”, please take a photo and send it to auburnpulse@gmail.com or tweet it to @AuburnPulse. You can also see marquees by searching the hash tag “#aupulsemarquees” on Twitter (see Twitter section for more info on using hash tags).

“Live Messages” is a feature coming soon.

The PHOTO GALLERY is meant to be a funny display of photos much like The Chive. Any funny photo can be send to auburnpulse@gmail.com or tweeted to @AuburnPulse to be considered and added. Once added, your photo can be viewed by thousands across the Auburn Pulse network. For this to work, people have to participate. Send your funny photos in today. Idiot Bama Fan Photos are especially appreciated.

SCHEDULES/CALENDARS list both sports schedules as well as the Auburn University academic calendar.


The integration of Twitter into the daily Auburn Pulse network updates has been the biggest difference in end user activity. But there’s more to Twitter than just following @AuburnPulse and reading your timeline.

Hash Tags

Several different sets of hash tags are used by Auburn Pulse to identify the subjects of our tweets. You can save each one of these hash tags in your “Saved Searches” section on Twitter and pull all our tweets with your desired hash tag into a subject-specific timeline for easy access. Doing it this way keeps you from having to run down your timeline searching for tweets you might care about.

We send out daily tweets with hash tags like: #aupulsedrinkspecials (shown above), #aupulsemarquees, #aupulsemonday (replace “monday” w/whatever the day of the week is to get info for that day). These hash tags are not just for Auburn Pulse-generated tweets, but for anyone to use. If you attach one of our hash tags, your tweet will be included when anyone searches the hash tag. This is a good tool for bar/restaurant owners and needs to be taken advantage of.


You not only have the opportunity to follow @AuburnPulse on Twitter, but you can also follow our Lists. Lists composed of similar Twitter users can be formed as a way for individual users to follow everyone included in the group with one click. For example, one of Auburn Pulse’s Lists is “Bartenders” (found at the address www.twitter.com/auburnpulse/bartenders or by accessing the Auburn Pulse Twitter Profile and clicking on LISTS). By clicking on the list you want you will see a tweet stream from everyone we have included on that particular list. You will also have the opportunity to “Subscribe”. Our “Bartenders” list allows you to follow several of the local bartenders who have personal Twitter accounts. This can be a wealth of information as bartenders are at the heart of everything going on in Auburn nightlife. Other @AuburnPulse lists: Bands (Bands that frequent Auburn Twitter accounts), Bars (AU Bar Twitter Accounts), Sports (Official Auburn Sports Team’s Twitter Accounts). Join these lists today and you’ll be well-informed. If you want to be added to one of these lists, send your request to auburnpulse@gmail.com.



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